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Are you ready to transform yourself, generate more income and become a bigger, more powerful you in the process?  Then Sales Partners Worldwide is what you've been searching for.  Built on the teachings and principles of co-founder and CEO, Blair Singer, master trainer, coach, best-selling author and entrepreneur, SalesPartners Worldwide uses his proven methods of personal and professional development to transform people and businesses in more than 20 countries around the world.  If it's life change, business change, lasting change you're looking for, you've found it with SalesPartners Worldwide.


We are a team of committed, passionate, independent entrepreneurs, working with businesses all over the world to help them increase sales, improve profits, build top performing teams, and create financial freedom.

To Increase Global Wealth by Partnering with
Businesses to Create Uncompromising
Championship Sales and Business Teams

To Improve the Quality of Life
for All People Through
Transformation of the Marketplace



This mission has remained true and today exists as the heart and soul of SalesPartners Worldwide™. SalesPartners™ is based on the proven systems that Blair Singer and Robert Kiyosaki have perfected over the last 25 years, literally creating millions of successes for others around the globe.