SalesPartners Services and Workshops

SalesPartners Services

Business Performance Review (BPR)

Let a Sales Partner guide you through the most powerful assessment tool on the market.  In a few short hours, you'll cover 10 business categories and 150 business success factors, all to define your your Net Present Position™. You'll get a crystal clear picture of where the holes are in business and develop a plan to plug them up, stop the bleeding and switch on market share and income growth. Unleash the cash flow potential of your business.


For less than the cost of an entry level employee, your business can reap the benefits of a seasoned, entrepreneurial sales manager. If you've been searching or trying to do the job yourself, stop, take a breath, and rent a sales manager from SalesPartners. You get daily and weekly measurements of sales, activity and results, plus sales team accountability. We make sure they close!

Sales Mastery University (SMU)

Sole proprietors, network marketing professionals and home-based start-ups absolutely must attend Sales Mastery University.  It's 3 months and 7 sessions that will change your life and your business.  You'll learn sales skills, marketing fundamentals, public speaking, presenting, and a lot more.  This curriculum will help you build your business from scratch or take en existing one to new heights.  And with an affordable payment plan, SalesPartners's Sales Mastery University is within reach of everyone.

Painless Prospecting™

Here's a fact: There is literally hundred of thousands of dollars in business sitting right in front of you! Painless prospecting shows you where those dollars are how to get them through a painless 4-step process designed to tap that income easily, elegantly and quickly. Every person who is not in sales should know and use the secrets of Painless Prospecting. Your income awaits!

Business Partnering Programs

This is the ultimate program for business owners who want to accelerate the growth and profitability of their business for both the short and the long term.  Your SalesPartner will work with you to drive all 10 categories and 150 success factors identified in the Business Performance Review.  This is where, together, we roll up our sleeves and work the plan.  Ready to get busy?

"Little Voice" Mastery Mentoring Program

Tired of hearing from that "Little Voice" in your head that holds you back in life? In 6 weeks of one-on-one intensive mentoring, your SalesPartner will get your "Little Voice" out of the way once and for all. Life is short. It's time to finally get what you want.



SalesPartners Workshops

Blair Singer's 2-day Sales and Leadership Mastery Program

Show up on your own, and unleash the bigger you.  Bring your entire team, and create a powerhouse income-generating machine!  You'll learn how to present like a pro; drive commitment, performance and result; handle any objection; turn No into Yes; and connect and build trust with everyone you meet.  Best of all, you'll learn how to reprogram that "Little Voice" in your head that keeps you smaller than you are.  You can win big!  We'll show you how.

Income Explosion

In this intense, 1-day course you'll learn a sure-fire process to identify your true wants and how to get them.  You'll learn the number one rule of entrepreneurship and how to make millions using leverage.  At last, you'll discover how you can use the power of marketing and the power of negotiation to generate more cash today.  You'll walk away with your own personalized 90-day, Income Explosion Plan that you can implement immediately.

Sales Drill and Grill Boot Camp

In just 2 1/2 hours, learn how to handle objections any time, any place in front of anyone so you're never intimidated again.  You'll also learn how to overcome the fear of presenting by learning how to make a compelling pitch that gets results in seconds.  Become a confident, completely spontaneous communicator who gets heard and gets results.  It's a high-energy, high learning event that is a lot of fun too.

Cash Flow Explosion

Fast! Learn the 6-step formula for increasing your income almost instantly.  This is the system Blair Singer has used over 15 years to turn companies around and grow their income.  Companies like Singapore Airlines, Redken Fifth Avenue NYC and countless others.  In just 57 minutes you'll learn how to control your number asset, build powerful and lasting confidence, gain market share and develop a 6-week plan for your success.