SalesPartners British Columbia's Team

Lucie Woods

Lucie Woods delivers a very clear message....that to achieve any meaningful goals that you have in your business, your finance or your life requires tenacity, relentlessness and commitment. Those who have worked with her or around her are automatically moved to find the bigger and better person inside themselves and accomplish their dreams.

She is a very in-demand speaker addressing large and small groups of business owners, leaders, managers and teams using her 7 step formula to help them increase sales, profitability and team performance. She has earned a reputation for getting folks to “fight” for their businesses, for their families and for their own personal power.

A goal-oriented person, Lucie has an 18-year history of working in sales and over four years working as a coach and trainer. She spent two years working as a sales representative for a credit report company, where she successfully increasing sales by 90–100% per annum.

In the area of business development, Lucie increased the market share by 90% annually. She contracted over 120 new clients in a 24-month period and managed accounts between $350,000–$500,000 in annual sales to her organization.

As a professional trainer and business development coach, she is also the CEO of SalesPartners British Columbia. She was hand-picked and personally trained by RichDad Advisor and best-selling author Blair Singer to be the first SalesPartners Worldwide Regional Developer in Canada. She combined her many years of business experience with 18 years of SalesPartners global experience bringing well-defined and proven success programs to the region.

Lucie understands and teaches business owners how to build an “asset based” business that puts passive income into your pocket.

She does this with her own businesses having initiated and developed a SalesPartners franchise in Quebec facilitating sales training, business team development and personal development with an average annual growth rate of 147% for 3 years in a row. Pursuing more growth, she opened additional locations in British Columbia while her Quebec franchise team continues to flow cash to her in BC.

As the Regional Developer of SalesPartners Worldwide™, Lucie and her team focus on small- to medium-sized businesses. Her programs and dynamic teaching and presenting skills, have helped thousands of Canadian individuals increase their sales, hone their marketing efforts, and increase their visibility. Her programs have helped businesses all over Canada pull ordinary people into championship teams, increase income and ignite leadership spirit in incredibly short periods of time.

Lucie is committed to continuous personal development, deepening her level of expertise with all the resources available to her.

As a result of this passion for honing her skills, she has developed an unconventional and powerfully interactive ability to present educational materials and subjects to any sized group with an incredibly engaging presence.

Lucie is not only tenacious in her presentation but forces participants to be the same with their own dreams and goals. She takes the SalesPartners mission very seriously which is “to improve the quality of life for all people through transformation of the marketplace.” The reason for her phenomenal success is because of her willingness to never give up on her clients and virtually guarantee their success.

Personal Note

Lucie is happily married to Jocelyn, her husband of 17 years, with whom she is raising their children. Lucie is a voracious reader of titles on business leadership, sales, marketing and management, philosophy, and spirituality.


Claudine Lam

Claudine Lam, SalesPartners Granville
Claudine Lam, a professional trainer and business development coach, specializes in working with entrepreneurs and small to medium sized companies. Holding a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a Financial Management Designation, Claudine complements her formal education with over 10 years of experience in business. Using the methodologies and systems of SalesPartners, Claudine brings into effect the tremendous power that learned sales and leadership programs can have on your company with guaranteed results!


Gavin Mills

Gavin Mills, part of SalesPartners TEAMGavin represents SalesPartners in Montreal West Island (Quebec).
Gavin holds a Bachelor of Laws and Commerce from the University of Melbourne (Australia). Having practiced law for 3 years primarily in the area of commercial law, Gavin entered the private sector and, as an entrepreneur since 1995, has played key roles in the development, executive management & growth of existing businesses in a variety of industries, as well as start up businesses including his own enterprise since moving to Canada in 2002.

More specifically, Gavin has had direct exposure in the following industries/fields: Law, Garment Import, Manufacturing & Distribution, Materials Handling (Sales-Service-Rental), Dangerous Goods Storage, I.T. Network Solutions, Retail, Manufacturing & Distribution of confectionery products, & Network Marketing. Gavin has extensive hands-on operations & management experience, an entrepreneurial flair & with the benefit of his own experiences, is able to work efficiently and effectively to add significant value to relationships with his clients and get the job done. Gavin is bilingual, is married and has 3 young children.

Some key achievements:

• Developed successful strategies to increase revenues by 35% & 22% over successive years;
• Facilitated controlled growth with revenue increases from $8million to over $14million while increasing staff from 14 to 26 employees over an 18 month period;
• Developed comprehensive financial & management key performance indicator (kpi) models;
• Successfully negotiated $3million finance facility for start up enterprise;
• Set up operating systems to support first year revenues in excess of $1.1million in a start up enterprise;
• Achieved growth of 10% from $5.3million to $5.8million in service department during a difficult and highly competitive market where customers were driven by short term costs;
• Became senior litigation advisor within 3 years of becoming a qualified lawyer.

About the Founder of SalerPartners Worldwide

Blair Singer, Founder of SalesPartners Worldwide, Rich Dad Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki and Best Selling Author Blair Singer Singer is the Founder of SalesPartners Worldwide, Rich Dad Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki and Best Selling Author.

Since 1987 Blair has worked with tens of thousands of individuals and organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to groups of independent sales agents, direct sellers and small business owners to assist them in achieving extraordinary levels of sales, performance, productivity and cash flow. He is Robert Kiyosaki’s (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) Rich Dad Advisor who imparts the two most important skills required for success in business…sales and communication and the secrets for building championship teams.


He founded and currently operates an international franchise called SalesPartners Worldwide™. With franchises currently located across the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Mexico and Singapore, SalesPartners Worldwide delivers guaranteed success strategies that have helped thousands of individuals and businesses increase their income through building championship teams and increasing sales.

According to Robert Kiyosaki- best-selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad- sales, communication and building a championship team are the most important skills for success in business. Personally selected by Kiyosaki for his business team, Blair Singer is the author of two books in the best-selling Rich Dad’s Advisors™ series- SalesDogs - You Do Not Have to be an Attack Dog to be Successful in Sales, and The ABC’s of How to Build a Business Team That Wins.

Blair was formerly the top salesperson for UNISYS and later a top performer in software sales, automated accounting sales and airfreight and logistics sales both corporately and as an entrepreneur/business owner. For the past fifteen years he has conducted thousands of public and private seminars with audiences ranging in size from three to three hundred to over 10,000. His clients typically experience sales and income growth of 34% to 260% in a matter of a few short months. His work spans over twenty countries and across five continents. Overseas he works extensively in Singapore, Hong Kong, SE Asia, Australia and around the Pacific Rim.