SalesPartners British Columbia's Testimonials

“Lucie has been referred to us by Deserving Divas. I immediately contacted Lucie. With only 2 coaching sessions and applying one of the marketing strategy taught by SalesPartners we increased our sales by 15% within 3 months. We will definitely used Lucie’s services again in the future. ”

— Daynah Savage ,
Cardio Plein-Air West Island

“Thank you for your wonderful and powerful presentation. Yes it was full of energy. And to say I thought I knew it all! Thank God, I did not. There is always room for growth. You have been a true driver. You were in control of the whole room within 1-3 minutes only and then you did not loose the control. ”

— Ralph G. Baladi,
Regional Director of Sales,
Comfort Inns & Quality Hotels

“I have had the pleasure of attending a series of 6 workshops with Lucie over the past few months. Lucie's knowledge of sales and team building has given me a new bent on how I look at doing my business and working with the people on my team. The workshops were very informative and interactive. Within one hour of working with Lucie I had produced an infomercial that I can use in any networking situation. I highly recommend Lucie's training seminars to anyone who is intent on having an edge on the competition.
Thanks Lucie. Continued success. ”

Heather MacIntosh,
Spa Sensations

“In February 2008, I purchased my business which was my first venture into the world of entrepreneurship. While I had experience managing a company division and selling, I found that this experience had not adequately prepared me for the challenges of selling and business management that I faced as an entrepreneur and small business owner.

Since meeting and working with Lucie and Gavin, the Team at Sales Partners Montreal West Island, I have learned, developed and continue to develop numerous skills which include:
    • Techniques on How to Prospect, Build Rapport & Close Sales;
    • Cash Flow Management Skills; &
    • Business Organization & Strategic Planning Skills
to name just a few!

More specifically, I have learned to overcome the fears that prevented me from approaching potential clients and have learned how to ask the best questions in order to achieve my desired outcome. Now, I am able to effectively handle most, if not all, objections that I face from clients and potential clients, including my own objections!

I am now spending 50% more time on selling than before working with Lucie and Gavin. The results are impressive! I finished the month of September 2009 with almost 200% more in sales than in August. This is not only the biggest month for me since taking over the business but is also the busiest month for this business in 55 months!

Since working with Lucie & Gavin, I am now ahead of the game with my cash flow forecasting. I can pinpoint the upcoming peaks and troughs so that I can plan my movements, communicate more effectively with customers and suppliers, and know on a daily basis where I stand with my business.

Lucie and Gavin are now helping me to focus more on the structure and organization of my business so that I can plan its growth, build the Team and free up my time to be able to focus more on the business.”

— Jerry Rosenthal,
Thera-Plantes inc.

“We began partnering with SalesPartners in June 2009. At that point, we had decided to expand the business and its outreach.

Since June 2009 we have opened an office with a showroom and have doubled the size of our Team.

Working with SalesPartners Montreal West Island has given me the ability to take the time and energy to focus on the business and not just in it. Prior to working with SalesPartners I was more caught up in the day to day of the business and had little if no time to be pro-active and look ahead to plan its future.

In the past 5 months of working & partnering together, I have been able to step back and re-evaluate how to approach the future and take the business to the next level, and learn to effectively delegate more responsibility to others in my Team.

SalesPartners and Gavin Mills have also enabled us to refine our systems, reports & infrastructure so that we are prepared for the next level and poised for growth.

The next step for us is to continue to apply what we have learned which will now allow us to focus on directly increasing our revenues and bottom line.”

— Lori Chaznoff ,
Chaz Consultants

“Partnering with SalesPartners Montreal West Island has helped me primarily to realize that to be most effective and get the best results both from myself and my Team, I needed to stop focusing IN the business and start working ON the business.

Planning was not my forte, yet I had approached it from a different perspective. SalesPartners, Lucie Woods & Gavin Mills have guided me toward the awareness that was required to implement the steps and take the appropriate actions to steer the business toward the next level of size, revenues, profit and positioning.

Probably the most tangible result for me has been their ability to assist us in “propping up” our Team, getting on track with more effective communication which has proven to have shown direct results in our Team’s overall efficiency & effectiveness.

You could even say they “forced” me into submission as I kept resisting but ultimately caved in and I certainly would not have reached this point in our business without SalesPartners consistency and frequency to ensure that this priority was dealt with.”

— Ken Elman ,

“We began working with SalesPartners Montreal West Island just over 18 months ago.

Since working with Lucie Woods & Gavin Mills, we have doubled the revenues of our business and have turned a Loss into a Profit.

We were also able to put new systems in place which have increased the efficiency and effectiveness of our Team and at the same time allowing for the growth of our Team and business to continue.

Working with Lucie and Gavin has helped us to continue to focus on the outside of our business (increasing sales & closing rates) as well as inside the business (including structuring of Team meetings, clarifying processes and building Team motivation and results).”

— Leonard Greenfield ,